For learners

Learn the skills to help you gain confidence to step in when you see a first aid emergency.  

This site features some first aid skills you might encounter in your daily life. Watch these videos and animations, read the stories, analyse the photos, and test your knowledge with quizzes. Learning first aid skills will help give you the confidence to help someone in an emergency.

For educators

The educator zone features a range of resources to support you to deliver first aid education to your young people.  You can build engaging, interactive first aid sessions, using videos and images, skills guides, activities and online quizzes. You can review and track your learners’ progress  from your educator dashboard. Using these resources, both you and your learners will not only gain first aid knowledge, but also the confidence and willingness to step in and take action in a first aid emergency.

First aid skills

Allergic reaction
Asthma attack
Bleeding heavily
Broken bone
Head injury
Heart attack
Poisoning / harmful substances
Seizures / epilepsy
Strains and sprains
Unconscious and breathing
Unconscious and not breathing

First aid skills

Check out the first aid skills pages – watch the videos or read the case studies. Engage with interactive questions and quizzes.

First aid quiz

Want to test your knowledge? Take a look at this page and build your own first aid quiz.


Choose from a range of resources, including videos, case studies, photos, role-plays, and activities to build first aid skills sessions to suit your young people.

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