How confident do you feel about helping someone who has meningitis?

Not at all Totally

We were at Kate’s house studying together for our exams. We were all a bit stressed but Andrea was feeling particularly ill that day.

She seemed to be getting flu. She was hot and sweaty one minute and cold and shivering the next. She also had a bad headache.

Andrea had taken as much cold and flu medicine as she was allowed to but nothing seemed to help. As the evening wore on Andrea couldn’t seem to concentrate any more.

Her headache got worse, and then she started to complain that her neck had become really stiff and sore.

I was worried about her as this didn’t seem like ordinary flu. We wanted to turn some lights on as it was getting a bit dark, but we couldn’t as she said the light was bothering her.

It was then that I remembered hearing that a stiff neck and light sensitivity could be a sign of someone having meningitis.

I checked on my first aid app and was shocked to find she had lots of the signs of meningitis. It said it was really serious and that I should call 999 immediately so I did.

I told the person on the phone everything I could and they sent an ambulance to us straight away.

Andrea had a long stay in hospital but if Kate and I hadn’t helped her illness could have been much worse. I’m just relieved I knew what to look out for and called 999 when I did.

Kate supported Nina when she realised Andrea was very unwell. What would you do if someone was ill, but your friends didn’t think it was serious enough to call for help?

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What is the most important thing to do if you think someone has meningitis?

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A friend is unwell and you are convinced they have meningitis, but they don’t have all the symptoms. What should you do?

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How confident do you feel now about helping someone who has meningitis?

Not at all Totally
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MeningitisRemember: Call 999