PSHE Quality Mark

Our resource has been awarded a Quality Mark from the PSHE Association. First aid is a core component of the PSHE curriculum and is most commonly taught within this subject. It plays a vital role within PSHE as it helps young people develop a sound understanding of risk and helps them make safe and informed decisions.

First aid education can also develop self-confidence and esteem. It empowers young people to contribute to the wider community with the skills and confidence to step in and help when someone is in need of first aid.

Through this quality resource, PSHE teachers can deliver effective and engaging first aid lessons and don’t need any first aid training. Use the educator zone and introductory guide on the website to find more about the resource and the educational methods that underpin first aid learning for young people.

PSHE Association Subject Specialist Claire Keech says:

"This toolkit resource, which includes differentiated activities, will give teachers the flexibility to deliver first aid sessions tailored to the needs of their students, within the context of their PSHE education programme. First aid knowledge and skills are taught through engaging films and scenarios, whilst opportunities are provided for young people to reflect on their feelings and attitudes to providing emergency help. Assessment is featured throughout, allowing students to monitor their progress. Relevant to their everyday lives, this programme makes a vital contribution in supporting young people to respond positively, develop strategies to minimise harm and gain confidence to provide first aid in an emergency situation."