You don’t need to be an expert in first aid or specially trained to teach young people first aid skills – you just need the right tools.

Activities help learners understand what they need to do to help in a range of first aid situations. They also boost learners’ confidence to act if they are ever faced with a first aid emergency.

Our educator resources align with the 17 skills on this site, covering real-life scenarios young people could face in their day-to-day lives.

These resources enable you to:

  • lead first aid learning sessions with engaging and interactive activities, tailored to your learners’ needs
  • practise ‘learning by doing’ with role play scenarios for each first aid skill
  • analyse and reflect on realistic first aid situations using videos and written case studies
  • test skills and knowledge and track learning progress
  • reward learning with a downloadable certificate
  • be confident that your sessions fit within the national curriculum.


Choose from our set of activities to build a first aid session plan. Or use the example session plan provided to quickly kick-start your first aid teaching.

Role plays

Role plays encourage learners to act out realistic scenarios for each of the first aid skills.

Skill guides

Access individual guides for each of the first aid skills. Alternatively, download a comprehensive guide covering all the skills for reference during your first aid sessions.

Supporting resources

Enhance your sessions with supporting resources including videos, images, written case studies, and video and animation scripts.

First aid quiz

Build bespoke quizzes for your learners to test the specific first aid skills they have learned in each session.


Congratulate your learners on their first aid learning with a personalised certificate.

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Access learner activity reports and review progress using quiz scores. Edit learner passwords and your own account details to ensure everything is secure and up-to-date.

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