Build a comprehensive first aid session from our selection of activities.

Starter activities: Get your sessions off to an energetic start.

Confidence building activities: Build learners’ confidence in their ability to help in first aid situations.

Knowledge building activities: Cover the key action and steps to take when helping someone in a first aid emergency.

Concluding activities: Consolidate learning and draw your session to a close.

You can pick and choose activities that are appropriate for the age and ability of your group. Activities build in complexity; starting with the basics (introductory) before progressing to more detailed ideas designed to engage and challenge learners (developing and advanced).

You can use the session template to build your session or try our sample session plans to get your first aid teaching off to a quick start. 

Quiz answer key: Use the first aid quiz answer key as a reference for activities and discussions.

Activity session template

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Activity session example 1

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Activity session example 2

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Starter activities

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Knowledge building activities

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Confidence building activities

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Concluding activities

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