Supporting resources

Enhance your sessions with supporting resources which bring first aid scenarios to life.

Videos, images and written case studies draw learners in to peer-driven first aid situations.

Animations show how the key action works in a first aid emergency.

Scripts from the videos and 999 calls provide a closer look at the first aid scenarios. You could use these with your class or group to perform your own dramatisation of the first aid emergency.

Powerpoint presentations break down the key first aid steps with images from the 17 skills and notes from our skill guides.

Allergic reaction

Asthma attack

Bleeding heavily

Broken bone



Head injury

Heart attack



Poisoning / harmful substances

Seizure / epilepsy

Strains and sprains


Unresponsive and breathing

Unresponsive and not breathing

Unresponsive and not breathing when an AED is available