First aid quiz

First aid skills

Select a character and follow the scenario to learn key first aid steps.

When you’re done, test your skills with a quiz.

With regard to the current coronavirus crisis we are working with clinical and governance teams to ensure our first aid advice follows best practice guidance. Please always consider your own personal safety first when delivering first aid. For more information please visit the Resuscitation Council UK website.

Allergic reaction
Asthma attack
Bleeding heavily
Broken bone
Head injury
Heart attack
Poisoning / harmful substances
Seizures / epilepsy
Strains and sprains
Unresponsive and breathing
Unresponsive and not breathing
Unresponsive and not breathing when an AED is available

First aid quiz

Want to test your knowledge? Take a look at this page and build your own first aid quiz.


Use the videos, case studies, images, scripts, and activities to build your own first aid skills sessions for your class or group.


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