Burns video script

Monologue and moral question

Well, it was a perfect day for a barbeque. Kim has the best garden so we usually hang out
there at weekends. Her parents just leave us to it.
We’d got everything we needed for the afternoon - playlists, games, loads of food, but the
coals were taking ages to get going, we were stood starving round the barbeque.
Well, I found some lighter fluid in the shed and everyone was saying: ‘Nice one Sam, that’ll get
it going…’
So, I sprayed it onto the fire, and it got on my hands, and at the time, I didn’t think anything of
it, but as the fire grew, I was feeling pleased with myself…
The next thing I knew, my hands, they were burning – they were actually on fire. The girls
started screaming… and then someone put the fire out.
The pain was indescribable – it made me go weak.
I was panicking, along with everyone else. Except Joe.... He grabbed the garden hose and ran
cold water over my hands for ages. I was crying all the way through it, it was complete agony.
Then he got Tash to go and grab some plastic bags from the kitchen, and he put one over each of
my hands - I couldn’t work out why, but I wasn’t going to argue…. I felt like enough of an idiot
as it was.
My hands were a mess – they were red raw and gross, I could hardly look at them. They’ve
healed up now a bit, I guess there’s still some scarring up here as well.
Later I was told that Joe cooling the burns quickly made all the difference. I’m so grateful to
him it could’ve been so much worse.

Why do you think Joe stepped forward to help me? Do you think you would do the same?

Question 1

How quickly do you think you should get a burn under cold running water?

Answer options:

After 5 minutes 
As quickly as possible
It doesn't matter

The correct answer is as quickly as possible.


Question 2

Why is it important to cool a burn?

Answer options:

Reduces pain 
Reduces swelling 
Reduces the risk of scarring 
All of the above

The correct answer is all of the above.

Question 3

What is the minimum amount of time you need to cool a burn for?

Answer options:

10 seconds 
2 minutes 
At least 10 minutes

The correct answer is at least 10 minutes.



Cooling the burn will reduce pain, swelling and the risk of scarring. The faster and longer a burn is cooled, the less the impact of the injury.


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