Choking video script

Monologue and moral question

Well, me and Steph, we walk and we talk all the time, and if we’re in a rush we’ll walk and
we’ll eat. See, I’d rather walk and eat, cos it means I get a few extra minutes in bed.
That day, it wasn’t anything I hadn’t eaten before, it was just a cereal bar – I mean, I eat them
all the time, and we must have been laughing at one of Steph’s fashion disasters from the weekend
before, when a piece of it just got stuck in my throat, completely lodged in my throat.
So, I tried to get it down, and then I tried to bring it up, but neither worked. I couldn’t breath and
I just started to panic.
I could feel myself slowly getting redder in my face and I just kind of looked at Steph and
wanted her to help me but no words would come out. So I stopped in my tracks and I bent over
– thinking it would help somehow, and I started to see stars and I just shut my eyes, I was just
Steph was asking me – ‘what’s wrong, are you ok – are you choking?!’ She was surprised – I
was surprised. I was actually choking, and I was terrified.
I felt like I was going to pass out and I genuinely felt like it could have been the end.
Steph began hitting me on the back, again and again, and I really didn’t think it was going to
help… but, just as quickly as it had happened it was all over.
I mean, the chunk flew out of my mouth, and I was just on the pavement gasping for air,
spluttering everywhere. I just felt so relieved. I looked at Steph and we started laughing, it was
a nervous laughter though, cos I mean it was almost death by a cereal bar, can you believe

Steph told me later that she felt guilty about hitting me so hard, but it worked …

Do you think she needed to feel so guilty?

Question 1

If a person is choking, what kind of noise would they be making to attract your attention?

Answer options:

Coughing loudly 
Shouting for help 
Making no noise at all

The correct answer is making no noise at all.


Question 2

You realise your friend is choking and decide to help them, where should you give back blows?

Answer options:

Lower back 
Between their shoulder blades

The correct answer is between their shoulder blades.



Hitting someone on the back between the shoulder blades creates a strong vibration and
pressure in the airway. This is often enough to dislodge the blockage.
Dislodging the object will allow the person to breathe again.


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