How confident do you feel about helping someone who has hypothermia?

Not at all Totally

Some friends and I were on a hike - training for our Silver Duke of Edinburgh Award. We were walking on a really narrow path next to a lake when Allanah slipped and fell into the water.

It happened so fast – she was there one second and in the icy water the next. We pulled her out as quickly as we could but she was soaked and really upset.

Once she had calmed down, we started walking again. We thought she would dry off pretty quickly; she was only in the water for a minute. After walking for a while we stopped for a break.

As the rest of us chatted, Allanah grew really quiet and began to look ill. We noticed she was really shivering, her teeth were chattering and she felt very cold to touch.

We realised Allanah was showing signs of hypothermia. She was awake but didn’t seem to understand what was going on around her.

I called 999 and explained what had happened while the others helped Allanah change into drier clothes and a warm hat. Freya had a blanket in her bag, which she wrapped around Allanah.

We stayed with Allanah while we waited for help to arrive. We kept telling her she would be alright.

We helped her to warm up with a hot drink and gave her some chocolate from our packed lunches too. I feel bad for not getting help sooner but at least we realised before it was too late.

Michael realised later that they should have got help sooner. Why do you think they didn’t?

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Apart from being cold, what other signs might suggest someone has hypothermia?

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If you think someone has hypothermia, what is the key action to take while you wait for help to arrive?

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How confident do you feel now about helping someone who has hypothermia?

Not at all Totally
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