Unresponsive and breathing video script

Monologue and moral question

One minute we were just having a laugh round our mate’s house, the next it was all sirens
and panic. It was horrible.
We’d just sat some of our college exams, so we were celebrating, as you do. We got our mate
in the year above to get us some booze, and the three of us went back to hers.
It was great – we had the tunes up really loud, got some pizza in, had a few bottles of cider,
some beers, Sophie already had some tequila in the house... Thinking back, we probably did
get a bit carried away.
It took a while to realise that Mark wasn’t there anymore. I guess we were too busy having a
good time. I went upstairs to have a look, and that’s when I found him.
The toilet door was open just a crack, I tried to get in, I had to force the door, and then I
realised Mark was collapsed against it.
I managed to squeeze in, and I checked to see if he was still breathing, and he was, but he’d
been sick. I can remember the smell... I thought he might choke so I put him on his side and
tilted his head back.
The music seemed so loud downstairs. It was filling my brain, I couldn’t think straight. So I
yelled for Sophie to switch it off and call 999, to get help.
I kept telling Mark that it was going to be alright while we waited for the ambulance, and he told
me after he could hear me and it made him feel calm - I don’t know how - I didn’t feel calm at
all. I’m just glad that I was there to help my friend when he needed me.

What would you do if you found someone who was unresponsive and breathing?


Question 1

Why was this a serious situation for Mark to find himself in?

Answer options:

He could have choked
He wasn’t he would have just slept it off
His parents were going to be angry

The correct answer is he could have choked.


Question 2

How did tilting Mark’s head back help him to keep breathing?

Answer options:

By pulling his tongue forwards to open his airway
By making his airway straighter to get air more quickly to his lungs 
By stopping him from biting his tongue and blocking his airway

The correct answer is by pulling his tongue forwards to open his airway.


When a person is unresponsive, their muscles relax, and their tongue can block their airway
so they can no longer breathe. Tilting their head back opens the airway by pulling the tongue
forward, which may help them to breathe again.
Looking at their chest to see if it’s moving, and feeling for breaths on your cheek, will help you
tell if they’re breathing or not.


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