Unresponsive and not breathing video script

Monologue and moral question

I finish college early on Tuesdays, and I always visit my Nan on the way home. I’ve got a key,
so I just let myself in and went through to the garden – that’s usually where she’ll be.
And there she was, weeding again. She looked really content. I went inside to make us a cup
of tea… I filled the kettle, found the biscuits and then I went back outside to have a chat while
the water boiled.
She was just lying there, all awkward, white as a sheet. It felt so unreal; it was my Nan lying
there, but, I’d just never seen her like that before.
I called to her and looked for breathing, but there was nothing. I didn’t know what to do, I just
started shouting and screaming for help. Tom from next door came out and saw us there.
They’re great, Tom and his family, they’ve been living next door for years. I’m just so grateful
he was working from home that day… It sounds silly, but my Nan’s more like a mum,
she’s always been there for me. The thought of losing her…
Tom got us through that whole time. He was really good at staying calm, and knew what to do
- he told me to call 999, while he kept pushing down on her chest. I didn’t really have a clue
what he was doing, but I just wish I had…
Nan’s still taking it easy, but she’s pulled through the worst. She’s slowly getting back to
her old self, and I’ve just signed up to learn first aid at college, I just really don’t want to feel
helpless again.

I totally panicked; I didn’t know how to help my Nan. How do you think you would feel in the same situation?


Question 1

While we waited for help to arrive, what was the key action that Tom took that helped save her?

Answer options:

Back blows
Chest compressions
Rescue breaths

The correct answer is chest compressions.


Chest compressions help blood continue pumping around the body, keeping vital organs,
including the brain, alive. Many people call this CPR – which stands for Cardio Pulmonary


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